Women Power I Bundle

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Women Power I Bundle

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  • 1 Menstruation Cell – for relief from PMS symptoms & regulating hormones 
  • 1 Vagus Cell – for supporting the autonomic nervous system
  • 1 Balance Cell – for achieving balance in body & mind 
  • 3 packs of adhesive patches

Women Power I 

The Women Power I bundle is specifically designed to empower and uplift all women navigating the stages from puberty and beyond. This system consists of 3 FrequenCells and provides holistic support for the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that can arise during the monthly cycle, ensuring that you can confidently embrace your femininity and live your best life. 

The Menstruation Cell addresses stressful or painful menstruation, reducing PMS symptoms and irritability during the monthly cycle or during menstruation. It provides energetic support to ease menstrual discomfort and stabilization of irregular periods.

The Vagus Cell provides support for the autonomic nervous system, which can be significantly challenged by the changes that occur during menopause. As a result, you can expect to experience greater resistance to stress and increased resilience to the hormone changes in your body, leading to a more comfortable and balanced transition into this new phase of life. 

The Balance Cell provides valuable support for the emotional aspects of life's changes, helping you to journey back to your center – the place where you can remain present, calm, and energized. It serves as a powerful tool to help you navigate the transition of menopause with greater ease, finding balance and peace amidst the changes.

You can learn how to use these 3 FrequenCells here: https://vitalfield.com/manuals/

The Women Power I bundle allows you to flow with the changes that occur during menstruation and beyond – rather than fighting against them. A woman’s cycle often dictates travel, activities, and even sometimes relationships, due to pain, irritability, and lack of energy. Adding these Cells to your daily routine makes your period less of a disruption, and more of a beautiful part of what makes us women!

Τhese wearable devices are a patented composite with magnetic properties, utilizing crystallized components and silicon, and which can retain and emit the therapeutic frequencies of Vital Fields for at least 6 months.

Vital Fields are subtle energy fields, 100% natural, that help transfer energy and information across the body’s living systems (cells, organs, and micro-organs) so the body’s cells can repair and regenerate post-damage.

Made possible by major scientific breakthroughs, the Energy Cell can support a less pain-filled life, the natural and safe way.